Plainview School

Huge Thank you's and great appreciation goes out to these people for going above and beyond to help out and provide much needed and appreciated volunteer time. You are amazing! And kindness and generosity like yours is what makes our school and community absolutely wonderful!

Brown Funeral Home for donating popcorn bags to STUCO

David Splitter for auctioning and announcing Snowcoming Festivities

Rodney, Renee, Tara, Carol, Bill, Joanna, Shannon, Cathy and Steve for hours of concession help and class fundraising table watch

Heritage Meats for donating hearts for dissection

Cheri Hopkins and Ruth Fees for countless hours at the score table and time clock

Ms G, Ms Smith, Ms Dawna and Ms Misty for taking gate

Dick Scott for helping STUCO gather wood for the bonfire

Kirbi Stum, AJ McCracken, Avery Snover, Tyler Pevler, Daniel Ortega and Austin Coen for watching over our Bonfire

Cheri Hopkins, Jarron Bray, Wesly Arns and Connie Lambright for judging our Science Fair

Erin Schneider for volunteering in the Elementary on Tuesdays

The donors for "Britt Day"

Kirbi Stum, Jerry Weber and Quinton Weber for snow removal in the parking lot

Amy Schmidt for shoveling snow in the doorways


but please know it is very VERY much appreciated!